This website, jesuscandoit.com, is dedicated to the explanation of all the most difficult Bible verses, chapters and even books. Right from when the Bible was written, people of all generations have been baffled by numerous Bible portions. This has generated much debate, led to false doctrines and even caused divisions.

Undoubtedly, no misunderstood or misinterpreted Bible portion will result in a funny situation. The result is always ruin both spiritually and physically. Every difficult Bible portion, if not correctly interpreted, can, in addition to all that have been outlined above, lead to trauma, mental or emotional distress, complication concerning the worship of God, apostasy, lingering bondage, an undermining, if not total erosion, of people’s belief in Biblical inerrancy and, but not limited to, a distorted view of the Bible as well as that of the nature of the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

With the above gruesome realities, this website is intentionally meant to omit simple Bible topics in order to focus exclusively on the most difficult ones that present themselves as enigmas or mysteries to every generation. Therefore, it is hoped that, by the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, anyone who comes across any of the articles on this website and reads it will, ultimately, be liberated from the shackles of any misconstrued, misinterpreted or distorted Bible portion resulting from both intentional and unintentional mistranslation, omission or otherwise.