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Did The Witch Or Medium At Endor Bring Up Samuel For King Saul of Israel? |1 Samuel 28:3-25

One section of the Bible that has resulted in confusion and interpretation challenges is 1 Samuel 28:3-25. This passage narrates an incident involving King Saul, the witch or medium at Endor, and the prophet Samuel. Saul, who had damaged his relationship with God, sought guidance on the outcome of an impending war with the Philistines. Since God remained silent and Saul had banished all mediums, he turned to a medium in desperation. Disguised and accompanied by two men, Saul visited the medium at Endor and asked her to summon the spirit of Samuel.

This passage has been a puzzle for Bible students and theologians, as it raises questions about the nature of the spirit that was brought up and whether it was truly Samuel. The Bible warns against consulting mediums and spirits, emphasizing that communication with the dead defiles individuals. When a medium summons the dead, an unclean spirit, or a demon, appears to impersonate the named individual. Demons are deceptive and can masquerade as servants of righteousness. They have supernatural knowledge and powers but are against God’s will.

The spirit brought up in 1 Samuel 28:3-25 was not actually Samuel but an evil spirit impersonating him. The spirit was named “Samuel” because Saul had requested the medium to bring up Samuel. The Bible mentions the spirit as “Samuel” in accordance with Saul’s will, not as an endorsement of the spirit’s identity. God did not participate in the seance and did not bring up the impersonating demon. The episode was orchestrated by Satan and other demons to deceive Saul and others into believing the practice was reliable.

The medium’s surprise was not caused by the arrival of the spirit but by recognizing Saul, who had disguised himself. Some people attribute her surprise to the arrival of Samuel’s spirit, but it was her sudden realization of Saul’s identity and fear of potential repercussions that surprised her.

Regarding the accuracy of the message, rebuke, and prediction delivered by the spirit, demons can give valid biblical messages and rebukes to manipulate and deceive. They feign affinity with God’s issues and His children. Accurate predictions can be made by demons if God has overtly decreed and sealed them. However, this does not indicate the involvement of God or validate the spirit as Samuel.

In summary, 1 Samuel 28:3-25 presents an incident where Saul turned to a medium out of desperation. The spirit brought up was an impersonating demon, not Samuel. God did not participate in the seance, and the accuracy of the message and prediction does not validate the spirit as Samuel or imply God’s involvement. The passage serves as a warning against engaging with mediums and spirits, as it goes against God’s will.


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