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What Does It Mean To Look Lustfully At A Woman?

In the book of Matthew chapter five, Jesus made an intriguing statement. This is it “You may be familiar with the statement, “You shall not engage in adultery.” However, I want to emphasize that even if someone gazes upon a woman with lustful intentions, they have already committed adultery in their heart.” (Matthew 5:27-28)

How do you view this statement? What does it mean? A misinterpretation or misunderstanding of it can cause an unnecessary emotional pain in someone, especially a baby christian or those who are not yet acquainted with the Bible. So, it is necessary for us to give it the right interpretation.

Looking Lustfully at a Woman Explained

Jesus is not saying that when you look at a woman and like, love or admire her you have looked lustfully at her. After all, the whole of God’s creation, which includes women are wonderfully beautiful. For this reason, none of them are supposed to be disliked, hated or despised.

The Meaning of Looking Lustfully at a Woman

To look lustfully at a woman means to look at someone whether a woman or girl who is not your wife then desire and decide to have extramarital sex with her anytime the opportunity shows up.


In conclusion, to simply look at a woman or girl and like, love or admire her without resolving to have an illicit sex with her when the opportunity comes does not mean to look lustfully at her. What this means is that you are just acknowledging and appreciating the beauty of that aspect of God’s creation.


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