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Why Was Jesus Christ Also Baptized In Water?

Jesus Christ was baptized in water at the age of about thirty, prior to the beginning of his public ministry. This act of baptism by John the Baptist has caused confusion among many people, who wonder why Jesus, who is sinless, would undergo a baptism that is commonly associated with the remission of sins.

Firstly, it is important to clarify that baptism does not have the power to wash away sins. The remission of sins is solely achieved through the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ, as stated in 1 John 1:7. Jesus himself was without sin, as mentioned in 1 John 3:5. Therefore, his baptism in water was not meant to cleanse any sin or the Original Sin, but rather to symbolize the beginning of his public ministry. It served as an inaugural sacrament, signifying the start of his mission on Earth.

Although Jesus did not require baptism for the forgiveness of sins, he still insisted on being baptized by John, stating that it was necessary to “fulfill all righteousness.” This expression does not imply that Jesus lacked righteousness and needed baptism to attain it. Rather, it signifies that it was right and appropriate for his public ministry to commence with a baptism.

In conclusion, the water baptism of Jesus, or anyone else, is not intended to wash away sins. Instead, it serves as a symbolic act marking the initiation of one’s public ministry. It is crucial to carefully examine Bible verses that seem to connect water baptism with the forgiveness of sins, taking into account the context, the author’s intended meaning, and comparing them with clearer verses that address the remission of sins authoritatively. By doing so, it becomes evident that such verses do not affirm the remission of sins through water baptism. The biblical principle remains that forgiveness comes through the shedding of blood, as stated in Hebrews 9:22.


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